Whisky Galore 2014

To All Film and Whisky Lovers

 We would like to invite you to join us at the final world class event of the

Monte Carlo Whisky Society season 2013/14.


“Whisky Galore!”

Thursday, 15th May 2014

Commencing at 18:30 in the Sporting D’Hiver Cinema, Monte-Carlo

Price: €10 euros to view the film and taste the Monaco Blend Whisky

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 Keith Hewitt, world famous expert and historian of the SS Politician, gives a special presentation and private showing of the film adaptation of Compton Mackenzie’s iconic book.

 The Movie


The classic Ealing comedy “Whisky Galore!” is set on the fictional Hebridean island of Todday. There is great gloom on the island due to the lack of whisky following war time rationing. However a ship runs aground with 50,000 cases of whisky on board. The islanders raid the ship and stash the whisky away before Customs and Excise can catch up with them. The whisky comes out to celebrate the double engagement of Peggy and Catriona. The islanders run circles around the Home Guard and Captain Wagget – a well-intentioned but slightly pompous Englishman who cannot comprehend the ways of the locals and their love of whisky.

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 The Expert


Keith Hewitt – Whisky Collector and Historian of SS Politician

Keith has a passion for everything whisky. He resides in a small hamlet near Edinburgh, Scotland with his wife Dianne. He runs his own bearing and power transmission company called Scotia Bearings. He has been collecting whisky since 1994, when he purchased his first bottle – a bottle of 1964 Black Bowmore. His whisky collection has grown substantially over the past 12 years, but in 2000 he acquired a very special bottle. This was a bottle salvaged from the SS Politician, which ran aground off Eriskay in 1941.

Since Keith purchased his bottle of Polly, he has been researching the story of Whisky Galore – both the true story of the Harrison Line’s vessel the SS Politician, and Compton Mackenzie’s adaptation Whisky Galore! Keith has amassed a vast collection of artefacts and film memorabilia, in addition to many Harrison Line items and no less than three full bottles of whisky salvaged from the SS Politician itself.

His knowledge is based on extensive research and having the privilege to meet people involved in the actual events of the SS Politician in 1941. He has been assisting the producers responsible for the remake of Whisky Galore and Keith has arguably the largest collection of artefacts and knowledge on the subject.


The Remake of Whisky Galore

EXCLUSIVE! – This evening you will meet members of the production team of the new remake of “Whisky Galore” – Director Gillies Mackinnon, Executive Producer Peter Drayne, Producer Iain Maclean,  Line Producer Alan Wands  &  William Lewis AND some special surprise guests in town from the Cannes Film Festival.

Click here to view a PDF presentation of the Whisky Galore remake production


The Whisky

Monaco Blend Private Stock, specially selected by Charles Maclean, this blended Scotch whisky is privately bottled for the Monte Carlo Whisky Society.


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